my name is Anna-Lu and I am happy to welcome you on my blog! I post about life in general and how I personally deal with it. Moreover, I cover topics such as mental health and mental strength . High on Hope’s is a thought-provocing mindstyle blog to inspire others and help myself to get rid of what’s on my mind.

To me, High on Hopes is a project about reflecting and criticising our society. Fairly and squarely 🙂


Here’s a brief overview of the structure of my website. There are three categories in which I’m going to publish posts:

  • Question of the Day – This category is like a discussion forum for hobby-philosophers and deep minds. What questions do we have on life? How do we find answers? In interviews, monologues and discussions I’ll try to deal with the latest problems and to give you for thought.
  • Consultation – My personal area. My public therapy session. Here I cover the topic “mental health”. This category is meant to be for those affected and interested of/in mental diseases. I post about my life with several mental problems like borderline personality disorder (bpd), about my past, my fears and hopes.
  • Travel – Traveling is my biggest passion. I’ll show you my destinations, what I learn on my journeys and how I prefer to travel: broke and spontaneous 😀

I invite you to follow my project and to give me feedback and suggestions for new posts. Enjoy reading!

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