What comes after death? – late-night-thoughts

“Do you believe in life after death?” he asked. I looked at him while I inhaled the smoke. After passing the J, I laid down on my back to watch the colours playing in the sky. “I believe that every one of us visions a goal before he/she dies. Like a state into which we’ll change after death. Whether it is paradise, the absolute nothing or anything else.. ” He laid down next to me and also watched the blaze of sun and clouds. “Look at the sky. When I die, my goal – my job – will be, to turn the sky into art. Every morning and every evening I’ll paint it again. And in times like this you’d know that I’m there. “

Is death the absolute end? Why do people care about something like this? Of course, it is the end. The life we lived – over. The personality we carried with us – wiped out. The body we occupied – rotten. We are no longer present and what will happen to us after is not in our hands. There’s nothing more we have to discuss. *would have. But as usual, we try to make everything tangible and find explanations for it. That’s human nature. So there are different theories where the Grim Reaper takes us. But that’s completely alright and I’ll tell you why:

Many of us, including me, would break if there were no questions that leave room for imagination and dreams. Issues such as death, the meaning of life or ethical questions are forcing us to be creative. I think, nowadays you can divide people into 3-4 “mind-groups.” Group 3 and 4 are responsible for common beliefs like life after death.

Group 1 has little complex thinking skills and is very easily convinced to follow trends set by the big players in our society. They have little or no own opinion and they are living a very simple “mindstyle”. Don’t get me wrong – this is not bad at all, because I think these people are actually the happiest in our world.

Group 2 is kind of similar to Group 1, but in certain life situations , e.g. under stress, illness or disappointment, they experience deeper thougths crawling up their minds. During such ‘breakdowns’, as I call them, they become very sensitive and understanding of their environment. Thus they are often advocates of “positive vibes”, health awareness and lifestyle movements. Sometimes they even experience a life-changing breakdown, after which they are more likely to be count to group 3. An example here is a burnout. Group 2 is represented most frequently.

To Group 3 describes those who find it difficult to accept our society as it changes and develops. Injustice and human mistakes raise questions posessing their minds. They are creative thinkers, who are looking for solutions for themselves and the rest of the world. They ask for a deeper meaning behind almost everything. This group is very broad, because some are finding their way into science, others find it in philosophy, art, rebellion or spirituality. They’re contestants, explorers and critics. Sadly, they often have got psychological problems because of the desire for change and improvement and due to the constant awareness of a faulty society. I’m one of those.

I do not quite know when exactly I’d speak of “Group 4”. This group includes people like Freud, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Einstein or Jesus. People who lead to crucial changes in society. They’re like saints, somehow marching to a different drummer. We, the “normal ones” look up to them as idols.

Sorry, I got off the subject, I’m just letting out my late-night-pothead-thoughts 😀 What I really wanted to say: I do not believe that something else is coming after death, at least nothing we are able to perceive in any way. But I am a supporter of comforting thoughts that make it easier for us and our loved ones to deal with that issue. As usually I’m a little rebel, so I won’t “join” any common imagination of death or the afterlife. I decided for myself that once I die, I will work as a painter of heaven. Imma sit there in a studio with my dead colleagues and I’ll do othing but designing sunrises and sunsets. I believe that very firmly 😛 What’s your imagination of death?

I’ll leave you at thi question. In this sense, I wish you a lovely night <3