“The best education for a clever person is found in travel.”

Nicely said by my German fellow Goethe. Yes, I do admit that I’m a secret fan of Goethe, Shakespeare & their colleagues, but that’s not today’s matter. This post is the opening of the HoH-category “travel” , in which I’m dealing with the topics – surprise, surprise – travelling, different countries and cultures as well as my own experiences and destinations.
To make it short: Travelling is one of the most important things in my life. I agree to the quote above. In my opinion, a human being doesn’t really know anything about life and the world we live in in, until he/she sees it with own eyes.I love it to get a genuine picture of new places, people and cultures. Therefore, neither a big wallet nor much of a plan is necessary. I mean, holidays in the Maldives or a fun day in Las Vegas are without doubt amazing experiences and I would never say no to them. However, my approach to the subject travelling is another. My primary goal of visiting new places is to learn. Not only to learn about the places, but to find out who I really am and who I’m meant to be in this life. It definitely has something to do with spirituality. I believe in destiny, coincidence and the fact that I need to find my place in this world to become truly happy.
Before I leave home, I always try to set specific goals. Then I try to ask myself what reason I’m doing the trip for. I need to decide what I’m going to be focused on. The nature, a city or maybe the distance to everyday life? Do I want to socialize or do I need some time just for me? And when I found my goals, I put them in first place. I try to leave everything that’s bothering me in everyday life behind me to just focus on that one thing. And by travelling on a low budget and without organizing anything big, I go back to my basic needs. I guess that’s why travelling means so much to me. I’m learning to follow my intuition and to listen to my body and soul. It makes me feel so free, so aware of who I am.
I’ll try to teach you my way to travel. A way to recover from stress and worries. A way to forget about our luxury problems like a bad internet connection, the delay of your bus or the 3 minutes overcooked noodles. If you want to, follow my way 🙂