“High on Hopes” – why I started blogging

“I’ll start blogging about my life” – the feedback on this statement was a bit reserved. I think it’s very brave to publish your problems and thoughts. Therefore, I have a lot of respect for all the lifestyle bloggers out here, who aren’t just posting about the bright side of life. So for sure, I’ve got respect for what will happen to me if this blog is gaining readers. But I also see a huge opportunity for me. And I’m gonna take it.

For me, writing is therapy. It’s always been like that. In my early teenage-years I started to write diaries and poems. Soon, I realized expressing myself by writing is much easier for me than talking. I like turning pictures, emotions and thoughts into words and bring ’em to paper. I like writing stories you can experience without your eyes. To create images in the minds of others. Through my texts, I found a way to make my thoughts and feelings tangible. That is usually something incredibly difficult for me and something I have to fight for every day. After several discussions with therapists and loved ones I risk an attempt of putting an idea into action: I’ll try to use blogging as a form of therapy.

This post is the start of an experiment. What I’m going to try on this website is to give you a deep insight into my inner world. And maybe I can inspire people to have a closer look at theirs. I’m high on hopes. That’s where the name of the website is coming from, but there will be an extra post about that.

High on Hopes is a project about reflecting and criticizing our society. Fairly and squarely. I am really excited how it will go down. Stay tuned!